Shelagh's Sewing Circle

Thank you for taking the time to visit us!

Shelagh’s Sewing Circle is a volunteer group that sews and delivers cotton face masks made from donated fabric to key workers and frontline staff in our local communities, absolutely free of cost.

We accept orders from key workers and frontline staff, big or small!

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Get Britain Sewing!

Are You In?

We want to get you sewing and #GetBritainSewing!

Set up a volunteer group to serve your local area - with our help!

Order Masks

  • Our masks are:
    • Made from upto 100% cotton fabric
    • Give full coverage over the nose, under the chin and close to the ears
    • Easily sterilised by a steam iron on high temperature
    • Chosen in consultation with local medical practitioners
    • Available in two sizes (Standard and Large)
    • As brightly coloured as possible!

We are aware that these masks do not provide full protection from viruses, however they do help prevent the spread of ordinary bacterial infections at a time when the supply of medical masks is struggling. Some services have commented that they prefer them to the throwaway masks that make them sore and sweaty.

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If your business or organisation could benefit from our organisation's masks, please order below and we will contact you regarding your request.

Volunteer Now

As our efforts to serve the local community continue, we are still welcoming volunteers who can sew, deliver masks, or help with administration.

If you would like to set up your own sewing circle to serve your local community, we will be happy to provide you access to our tools to make the job easier for you. Email us at for more information.

Friends of the Circle

We are only as strong as the support we are given. In our second week, we partnered with another group - Volunteer Riders UK. They are a completely volunteer-led group of bikers that helps transport safety equipment from any part of the country to the other.

Thanks to them, our masks have made their way to places further afield such as Liverpool. Through our diverse group of volunteers, our masks have also made their way to Indonesia, the United States and India!

Visit the Volunteer Riders UK on Facebook

We also support our friends Robin and Linda in their effort to provide plastic aprons to local healthcare facilities, nursing homes and more.

We are united with and are thankful to our friends in these volunteer groups who help us with our mission:

There is a great need and we’re here to fill it for as long as it persists!

Thank You

We are very grateful to all our fantastic volunteers, our generous donors and our local community for the support we receive.

Some of our lovely volunteer sewers...

Alison McHale Ann Ward Anna Swift Carol Danson Celia Southern Jo Fox Josefina Kay Chandler Lisa Tuckwell Sharon Sheila Marshall

Thank You Kevin!

We would also like to thank Kevin McCabe for his generous donation, his attention to our little organisation and his provision of resources to help grow this little circle of volunteers considerably.

Kevin McCabe and Shelagh Cheetham
Sharanya Nair, Shelagh Cheetham, Kevin McCabe, Alison Ball and Stephen Marriott